Sustainable Landscaping

What is sustainable landscaping?


As defined by Wikepedia; Sustainable landscaping encompasses a variety of practices that have developed in response to environmental issues. These practices are used in every phase of landscaping, including design, construction, implementation and management of residential and commercial landscapes.

Sustainable landscaping is an optimal solution as we continue to experience a drought. Drought-tolerant landscaping is a common term for sustainable landscaping in the Bay Area. Properly designed landscapes and thorough irrigation system installation definitely assists with water conservation. However, some property owners wish to go even further with conservation and invest in a fully sustainable landscape. Some of the sustainable landscape solutions we may employ or suggest:


#1  Reduction of stormwater run-off through the use of rain gardens and green roofs

#2  Reduction of water use in landscapes through design of water-wise garden techniques ( xeriscaping)

#3  Completely eco-friendly pest management techniques

#4  Creating and enhancing wildlife habitat in urban environments

#5  Energy-efficient landscape design such as proper placement and selection of shade trees and creation of wind breaks

#6  Permeable paving materials to reduce stormwater run-off and allow rain water to infiltrate into the ground

#7  Use of sustainably harvested wood products for decking, fencing, and other permanent fixtures in your landscape

#8  Use of recycled products such as paving stones or mulch

#9  Composting of kitchen and garden wastes, to maintain and enhance healthy soil

#10   Integration of renewable energy, including solar landscape lighting


 Can I have a sustainable landscape?


Yes! You sure can, and we encourage working with a professional landscaper to ensure no corners are cut. The process of sustainable landscape design is multi-faceted and every aspect needs to be evaluated for sustainability. Please visit our News page for blog posts about sustainable landscaping. Feel free to contact a member of our team to start discussing your vision of a sustainable landscape!