Tree Care Service for Residential Homes

Tree Care

Our certified arborists understand that trees are assets to your residential property. The health of trees and shrubs is very important, along with aesthetics and curb appeal, to ensure proper longevity of your investment.

Tree Care


Do you have a leaning tree threatening danger to a surrounding structure?


Do your palms need shaping?


Is your Peach Tree suffering from disease?


Do you have an invastive tree or shurb that should be removed in favor of a native variety? 


An overwhelming demand for expert tree care service in the Bay Area led Bayscape Landscape, an experienced, award-winning landscaping provider, to develop our sister company, Arbortek Trees. Arbortek provides professional tree care service for a wide variety of landscapes all across the Bay Area and surrounding communities. We particularly excel in caring for trees that are native or low-water, helping clients save money and do their part for water conservation.

Our certified arborists understand that trees are valuable in so many ways. From the enormous environmental benefits of trees to the ways in which they had value to your property, trees are an asset that you can’t afford to neglect. It is very important to protect the health of trees and shrubs, to ensure proper growth and the longevity of your investment.


Bayscape’s comprehensive, top-to-bottom tree care services include:

Tree Cabling & Bracing
Tree and Shrub Planting
Tree Trimming
Stump Removal
Tree Planting and Tree Inventories
Tree Disease and Insect Management


We pride ourselves on our extensive arborist knowledge, diligent customer service, safe operating procedures, and providing the best in tree technology and equipment. We are licensed, local, and fully insured! We also provide complimentary consultations, which includes a complete visual inspection, overall health assessment, and investigation for early signs of insects or disease.

Please call us today, and begin protecting and preserving your financial and environmental tree investment! 408-288-2942