Residential Planting Design Services

Residential Planting Services

Choosing the right plants for the front, back, or side yard is the first step towards reaching that dream yard you have always envisioned!

Residential Planting Services

San Jose Residential Planting Services 


When you first purchased your San Jose property, it is likely that you were already dreaming of the possibilities for a beautiful landscape that you’d be happy to come home to. But where to begin, when the options are endless?

Choosing the right plants for the front, back, or side yard is the first step towards reaching the dream yard that you envision. Regardless of your personal style or preferences, Bayscape Landscape would be honored to partner with you in helping your dream landscape come to life. Planting is more than a job to us – we love what we do, and our years of experience help us to excel in all of our residential planting services.


It’s not just a job to us – we love to plant!


Whether you have purchased new land or are renovating an existing landscape, the residential planting scheme is the first – and most important – step to embarking into a new residential landscape design.

We will take a plant’s appearance into consideration, but plants are not chosen on aesthetics alone. Our seasoned and professional residential landscape experts consider climate, soil type, existing plant life, and natural and architectural surroundings when choosing plants for your home and property.

Certain plants are required for erosion control or wind-breaking. Some plants, on the other hand, are chosen for the simple fact that they are maintenance-free, such as succulents and small shrubs. Still others are a great fit for a Bay Area yard because they are native, low-water, or drought-tolerant.

Robust garden beds with annual or perennial flowering blooms may be your preference. Bayscape Landscape can do that! We will ensure that we plant the correct blooming flower types that will align with your long-term vision of your beautiful front or backyard – all while respecting and nurturing the area’s natural environment (and your water bill).

At Bayscape Landscape, our residential planting experts will consider the requirements of the land, coupled with your personal preferences and taste, and formulate a planting scheme that stays within your budget. We’re ready to help you achieve that dream yard you have been envisioning since the purchase of your residential property.

Contact us today to get started on planting your beautiful residential landscape! We service San Jose, CA and surrounding areas.