Residential Lawn Irrigation by Bayscape

Residential Irrigation

Lawn Irrigation isn’t about turning on the sprinkler anymore. It’s about conserving water and saving money!

Residential Irrigation

Residential irrigation system design and installation is a serious matter with short- and long-term consequences – not only for San Jose homeowners, but also for planet! Water is the most cherished and valuable resource on earth, and we know that your home is also a precious resource to you and your family.

Here at Bayscape Landscape, we use creativity and the most cutting-edge technology to conserve water and natural resources without jeopardizing the integrity and health of your landscape. In fact, we’re confident that partnering with Bayscape will help your property become healthier, more vibrant, and more beautiful than ever before!

Our Certified Water Managers have extensive product knowledge with all types of residential irrigation systems that are water-efficient and that comply with every standard known to our industry. We have decades of experience in installing a full spectrum of irrigation systems from drip to computer-controlled, to new-generation “smart” systems, and manual. We can install, maintain, repair, or replace any irrigation system we come across!

We are dedicated to providing continuing education to our staff of seasoned professionals, who receive ongoing technical training in residential irrigation management and water-saving methods. Our goal is to better serve both our clients and our environment. We also strive to consistently provide you, the customer, with helpful information and water conservation tips. You can stay informed about Santa Clara County, CA rebates for your water conservation efforts by continually visiting our News page for new information, and you may subscribe to our monthly email newsletter to receive updates just as soon as they become available.

Stay proactive and have your residential irrigation system checked for leaks every spring!

And lastly, we must remind all of our customers that putting off or skipping yearly irrigation system checks will cost you more money in the long-run. Contact us today!