Old Port

The Bayscape Landscape team works diligently and steadfast at beautifying your property. This is proven by our continual achievements, awarded by the California Landscape Contractor Association, year after year:

Bay Area landscaping achievements awarded:

Lam Residence                              First Place, 2007 – Small Residence Renovation

Capital Auto Mall                         First Place, 2007 – Large Commercial Maintenance

Anritsu Campus                            First Place, 2009 – Medium Renovation

Fejerne Residence                       Achievement Award, 2009 – Small Residence Renovation

Stuart Residence                          Achievement Award, 2009 – Medium Residence

Perkins Residence                       First Place, 2009 – Large Residential Maintenance

Prominince Project                     First Place, 2009 – Medium Commercial Maintenance

Hoston Residence                        First Place, 2010 – Small Residential Install

Fruitdale Station Apts.               First Place, 2010 – Small Multi Residential Maintenance

Hahwajy Deasy Res.                    First Place, 2011 – Small Residential Install

Fan-Reay Residence                    First Place, 2011 – Small Residential Install

Sena Residence                              Achievement Award, 2012 – Small Residence Renovation

Lundy HOA                                      First Place, 2012 – Multi Family Residential

Kurman Residence                      First Place, 2013- Small Residential Install