Commercial Irrigation Systems

Commercial Irrigation Systems

Our commercial property customers never worry about irrigation and water conservation when they have Bayscape on their side!

Commercial Irrigation Systems

Do you have the best irrigation system for your commercial property?

At Bayscape Landscape Management, commercial irrigation systems are installed with careful thought and long-term planning for the landscape and environment.

We balance beautiful design and landscape maintenance with meticulous irrigation system installation and maintenance. We have decades of experience in installing a spectrum of irrigation systems from drip to computer-controlled and from new generation to manual irrigation systems.

Bayscape Landscape Management utilizes cutting-edge technology, strategies, and monitoring tools to minimize water usage without any risk to the beauty of your landscape. We utilize web-based tools to schedule and monitor the irrigation stages in real-time. Factors such as wind, mulch, and surrounding native plants, are all considered before installing and maintaining irrigation.

Water consumption information is readily accessible by our clients on their computers at any time. We are proud to have been able to help reduce water usage in San Jose, and surrounding Santa Clara County communities, and increase savings for our clients.

San Jose Property Managers need not worry about commercial irrigation and conservation with Bayscape on your side!

Our Commercial Irrigation Services include:

Irrigation System Installation
Drip System Installation
Sprinkler Repair
Irrigation Repair
Sprinkler Head Repair
Sprinkler Pipe Repair
Sprinkler Timer Repair
Irrigation Timer Repair
Sprinkler Valve Repair
Drip System Repair
Sprinkler Upgrades 
Electronic Sprinkler Repair
Lawn Sprinkler Repair
Sprinkler Troubleshooting


The irrigation division of Bayscape Landscape Management consists of highly trained, experienced landscape technicians. Our landscape experts have diverse experience and product knowledge in installing irrigation systems that are water-efficient and that comply with every industry standard.

We offer a complete walk-through and assessment of your irrigation system. We understand the Bay Area climate environment very well and are able to keep your property looking its best year-round.

Contact us today to ensure you are maximizing your dollar when it comes to water consumption!