Hardscape for Landscaping

Hardscape for Landscaping

Urban planning or an aesthetic desire, Bayscape Landscape has the team and materials ready to build you the perfect hardscape for your property!

Hardscape for Landscaping

Hardscape, in the practice of landscaping, refers to the inanimate elements of landscaping, such as masonry work, paving, or woodwork.

For example, retaining walls, concrete or brick patios, tile and brick pathways, and wooden decks or arbors,  would all be considered part of hardscaping. Basically, anything used in landscaping that is not part of the “softscape” (or live, horticultural, or natural landscape) can be considered a hardscape element. Lawn or yard accents such as fire pits, permanent benches, water fountains, and, yes, even garden gnomes, are also considered hardscapes!


Why would I want to add hardscape to my landscape?


There are two main reasons for installing hardscapes into your landscaping design.

The first would be from an urban planning perspective. Business complexes or housing developments have larger hardscapes such as vast patios, sidewalks, or verandas, for their heavy traffic areas. Artificial water features that retain water, instead of letting drain and sog the surrounding area, would also be considered a hardscape.

From an aesthetic perspective, hardscaping allows us to add landscaping features that suit your needs and desires to create that perfect entertaining space or calming backyard. Bayscape Landscape can achieve this by erecting a beautiful wooden arbor, installing tile pathways in your garden, build a deck, or add a peaceful water fountain.

Hardscape for landscaping projects are typically completed in better climate conditions, such as spring time or summer. Winter hardscape projects can be completed, but the soil is much harder to work with, and outside elements can hinder timing of completion. If you are interested in building hardscapes into your landscape, it’s good to consider the climate (seasons) as a factor for completion.

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